Selling Real Estate

We Create the market

The NZRE Selling System replicates world-class commercial real estate disposition processes to first enhance your property, and then to maximize the price you’re able to achieve on sale.  Before putting your home on the market, we create competition-crushing strategies crafted with deep research and market insights.  Next, we produce stunning marketing content beyond anything your competition could replicate.  And finally, we blast it around the world to our international network of Realtors and through our social media channels to maximize attention.  Whether you’re selling a 1,000 square foot bungalow in the Annex, or a penthouse condo in Yorkville, we work with everyone; this is a people business.


What’s your Why?

Why are you selling? This is a question most people don’t pay enough attention to, and it’s really important.  The reason for why you’re selling is going to direct our entire sales strategy.  Are you going through a significant life event requiring a lightning-fast sale?

Maybe your kids have just moved out and you’re looking to downsize and add to your retirement savings.  Whatever
the reason is, let’s talk about that first.


What have similar houses in your neighborhood sold for?  What amenities did they offer?  How many similar homes in your neighborhood are currently on the market?  How does your home stack up against the competition?  What sort of improvements will have the largest return?

These questions may sound obvious, but they’re often overlooked.  At NZRE, we take research seriously.  We ask questions, and we make informed decisions.


Show Time

Now that we’ve crafted our strategy, it’s time to prepare your home to be marketed around the world.  Because NZRE is partnered with Toronto’s #1 Real Estate marketing agency SOARE Productions, you can be sure that your home will stand head and shoulders above the crowd.  The process includes professional
photography, creation of a 3D virtual tour, cinematic video production, and culminates on a professionally designed custom built property listing website.

To see an example of the marketing that goes into an NZRE sold listing, click here:

Go Time

This is the execution phase. This is where all of our hard work and preparation pays off; literally.  Social media campaigns on every platform, Google ads, international and local circulation to all major brokerages around the world.  The most important period of time in the sale of a property is the first 2 weeks, and speed is the critical factor.  We’ll qualify the buyers, handle the offers, and make sure you’re getting the highest offers possible.  Once the offers are in, we’ll provide our analysis and opinion, and you pick the winner.


For the complete NZRE Seller’s Guide, click here: