Immigrating to Canada?

Immigrating to Canada is difficult and the process is complicated.  As one of the most desirable countries in the world for immigration, it’s important that your application is perfect.  Working with an experienced lawyer who specializes in Canadian immigration and citizenship will ensure you have the best odds of being accepted, and will significantly speed up the process.


The Move to Canada Team

As a large number of NZRE clients have enquired about immigration services for Canada, NZRE has created The Move to Canada Team, a sister company to NZRE which specializes in assisting people from around the world immigrate to Canada (

The Move to Canada Team is Canada’s only full-service immigration and real estate consultancy which combines the services of real estate brokerage, immigration law, real estate law, corporate law, employment
services, international banking and tax.  Other immigration consultancies only assist with the immigration, leaving you stranded with finding a place to live, incorporating your business, and opening bank accounts.

Visit our website now below to learn more about how The Move to Canada Team can help with your immigration needs:

Questions about moving to Canada? We’ve got your back.

We can get you in touch with The Move to Canada Team today to get your immigration questions answered, and your immigration journey started.