Buying Real Estate

Understanding our Clients

Before we begin searching for real estate, we need to understand you as a client.

We encourage all of our clients to read our NZRE Buyers Guide available on our Resources page and at the bottom of this page, to familiarize themselves with important considerations related to the type of buyer they classify as.

If you require mortgage financing, we’ll partner you with a mortgage broker to determine what budget constraints we’re working within, and ask that you complete our proprietary affordability tool to ensure you’re comfortable fitting those payments into your lifestyle.

Once that’s done and we’ve set a budget for our search, we’ll proceed to determine your search criteria using our Client Criteria Form.  This form is used to identify critical search information such as locations we should be looking in, size of property required, amenities you would like in the area, and much more.


Toronto’s MLS Platform

Once we’ve determined our budget and finalized our search criteria, we’ll move on to the property search.  Toronto’s MLS platform is the #1 tool for searching real estate listings.

Using this platform, we create customized prospect searches which are emailed to you with new listings every morning.  We’ll have access to new listings matching your search criteria as they hit the market, and will also be able to analyze sold data to help us prepare your offer and assist in negotiations.

Off-Market Listings

In addition to Toronto’s MLS platform, we will be surveying off-market listings to identify properties for sale which match your criteria.  This step is important because a large number of sellers choose not to list their properties on the public market due to privacy concerns.  We perform our off-market search using a number of methods which include:

  • Real estate agent email blast
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Private Realtor – Groups
  • Brokerage and Broker Personal Network
  • 3rd Party Listing Platforms

Interactive Process

We believe collaboration leads to greater outcomes, not just with our colleagues but also with our clients.  Throughout the search process, you will be invited to participate using our Collaborate tool.  This is optional but highly recommended as it provides our clients with full access to the MLS with ability to create custom search parameters, view listings, and chat with us in real time about options they want to see.  Collaborate is a brilliant tool in the search process and is revolutionizing the way people buy homes.


For the complete NZRE Buyers Guide, click here: